Dogfish Head Grain to Glass Tour

By Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (other events)

442 Dates Through Sep 29, 2018

Experience Goodness, From Grain to Glass

**This is a 21 of age and older event and you MUST wear closed toe shoes and long pants.  Capri pants are not appropriate for this tour.**

Experience all that awesome goodness that goes into our Dogfish Head Ales & Spirits, and join us on a tour of delicious adventure! Meander through normally off-limit parts of the brewery to gain a richer understanding on how we make our off-centered Ales & Spirits, and have a few beers & a cocktail along the way! 

Cold Storage – breathe in the delicious smells in the huge refrigerator which stores all the REAL ingredients which go into our beers (its cold in there, so its brief!)

Grain Handling Room – see what sets our grains apart from the rest

200 BBL Brewhouse – see how we convert all that delicious starchy grain into wort

Palo & Oak Wood Aging Room – normally locked, we’ll stop in here and learn about fermentation & wood aging beer. Sample the freshest 60 minute you’ve ever had and try some palo santo wood aged beer.  Subject to change without notice due to production schedule.

Distillery – enjoy a keg conditioned cocktail in our new distillery , get a primer on distillation and learn how we distill our beers into our new lineup of scratch-made spirits

Sam’s Stash – sample one of our vintage beers in the cage where Sam stores beers aging for 3-5 years

Steampunk Treehouse – ever wonder what’s in that treehouse? Check it out!  Subject to change without notice based on weather conditions.

The tour costs $30 / person and we limit it to 20 people per tour. In addition to the beer + cocktails, you’ll walk away with some rad swag including a Dogfish Head pint glass & shot glass. We’re talking incredible value here folks. 

NOTE: in order to attend you MUST wear closed toe shoes and wear LONG PANTS. Capri pants are not acceptable for this tour. This event is for our fans 21 years of age or older.







Tour goers MUST be wearing long pants & closed-toe shoes! 

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